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Change the Life & Future of Men and Your Church!

Jay Crouse outlines a proven step-by-step action plan for welcoming men back into the life of the local church.
Equip your men with the amazing vision and practical support they need to build a life changing men's ministry.

30 Minute Presentation

Ideal after a men’s breakfast or dinner. Jay presents the core message of Men and the Church, and encourages you and your friends to reach out and connect with the ‘missing man’ in your local church.

60 Minute Convention or Men’s Workshop

Jay outlines the core message of Men and the Church, as well as successful men’s ministry strategies. Each participant leaves knowing the next step on their action plan for empowering ministry to men.

2 Day Conference

This weekend intensive course covers in detail the key elements and essentials for an effective ministry to men. Each participant will complete a custom-made plan to work in and through his local church, and be able to say with confidence, “Yes, there is a dynamic future for men in OUR church.”

Men’s Retreat Weekend

Jay's presentation covers these four relevant topics:

  1. Challenges facing the local church today
  2. Opportunities to create spiritual formation value for men through your church
  3. The infrastructure your church will need to succeed
  4. Your best options for a significant ministry to men in your church

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About the Author

Jay Crouse

Jay Crouse has been actively involved in ministry to men for over twenty-five years and participating full-time since leaving the private sector in 1999.

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  • “Perfect for a book group or small group study, "Men and the Church: Is There a Future?" delivers what the church needs to hear…”

    Fr. Charleston Wilson

  • “Men and the Church: Is There a Future? is based on the author's first-hand knowledge of building ministries...”

    The Very Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson
    Church of the Redeemer

  • "This book should be a regular reference for any clergy member looking to grow his Church and keep it healthy...”

    David Hunihan

  • "Men and the Church is a practical and relevant handbook that equips men to find their way back as active participants and leaders...”

    Todd Menke

  • Men and the Church... there is definitely a BIG future as long as there are passionate and faithful men like Jay Crouse to help lead men...”

    Jeff Kern

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