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Jay Crouse has been actively involved in ministry to men for over twenty-five years and participating full-time since leaving the private sector in 1999. His ministry to men journey began in the Episcopal Diocese of SW Florida and has expanded nationally and to the church at large.

Jay served as a full-time lay minister under former Bishop John Lipscomb and the first Director of Episcopal Men’s Ministries, a regional ministry, and also an ecumenical ministry, A Journey in Disciple Making—a unique resource for men who want to equip other men as disciple makers in their local churches.

A few years ago, Jay moved forward from his diocesan duties to launch the ministry of Men and the Church, walking arm in arm with many men’s ministry leaders and friends, including Bill McCartney, Dale Schlafer, Promise Keepers, Pat Morley, David Delk, Dan Erickson, Robert Lewis, Bob Hamrin, Ron Doyle, Hal Haddan, Fr. Andrew Mayes, and hundreds of Christian men in SW Florida.

Men and the Church hosted regional, county, and local church conferences, seminars and workshops, and help start local church ministries for men in 50 of 78 Episcopal churches in the SW Florida Diocese.

Crouse also created and led a unique ecumenical initiative, “Equipping the 70” in which over 125 Christian men were equipped to disciple 1000 new men of faith.

His most recent program, Behold the Man, annually leads men on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Jay published his first book, Men and the Church: Is There a Future? in the Fall of 2013.

Jay and his wife of thirty-three years, Laura, live in Sarasota, Florida and attend Church of the Redeemer. They have four sons.

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Is There A Future?

The ‘how-to’ of developing comprehensive men’s ministry in any kind of Christian church or denomination

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  • “Perfect for a book group or small group study, "Men and the Church: Is There a Future?" delivers what the church needs to hear…”

    Fr. Charleston Wilson

  • “Men and the Church: Is There a Future? is based on the author's first-hand knowledge of building ministries...”

    The Very Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson
    Church of the Redeemer

  • "This book should be a regular reference for any clergy member looking to grow his Church and keep it healthy...”

    David Hunihan

  • "Men and the Church is a practical and relevant handbook that equips men to find their way back as active participants and leaders...”

    Todd Menke

  • Men and the Church... there is definitely a BIG future as long as there are passionate and faithful men like Jay Crouse to help lead men...”

    Jeff Kern

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