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Men And The Church

Men and the Church: Is There A Future?


“This book actually gives the ‘how-to’ of developing comprehensive men’s ministry in any kind of Christian church or denomination,” writes Dr. Hayes Wicker, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida.

The 280 page step-by-step guide can help church leaders and their congregations welcome men back into the local church and bless them with learning opportunities that promote spiritual growth.

Inside Men and the Church: Is There a Future? You’ll learn about:

Part 1: The UnChurched Man…he’s out there, and we miss him…

  • Where Are the Men?
  • Who Are These Guys Today?
  • What’s Their Cultural Challenge?
  • What’s In Their Minds?

Part 2: The Welcomed Man…he can be welcomed back, if we are ready…

  • Are You Ready to Befriend the UnChurched Man?
  • Can You Man Up Your Church?
  • Do You Have a Structure in Place?
  • Have You Heard the Call to Discipling?
  • Do You Know The Nuts and Bolts of Disciple Making?
  • Can You Pastor Their Hearts?

Part 3: The Churched Man…will be blessed, if he learns to follow His Lord…

  • Blessed through His Chosen Denomination
  • Blessed in His Journey Inward: Coming Home
  • Blessed in His Journey Godward: Surrender
  • Blessed in His Journey Outward: Belonging and Service

Plus: Description of a Journey in Disciple Making and Recommended Resources;
Pastors; Challenges and Concerns. AND Personal Testimonies from Men in the Mission Field!

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An Excerpt from Men and the Church...

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About the Author

Jay Crouse

Jay Crouse has been actively involved in ministry to men for over twenty-five years and participating full-time since leaving the private sector in 1999.

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  • “Perfect for a book group or small group study, "Men and the Church: Is There a Future?" delivers what the church needs to hear…”

    Fr. Charleston Wilson

  • “Men and the Church: Is There a Future? is based on the author's first-hand knowledge of building ministries...”

    The Very Rev. Fredrick A. Robinson
    Church of the Redeemer

  • "This book should be a regular reference for any clergy member looking to grow his Church and keep it healthy...”

    David Hunihan

  • "Men and the Church is a practical and relevant handbook that equips men to find their way back as active participants and leaders...”

    Todd Menke

  • Men and the Church... there is definitely a BIG future as long as there are passionate and faithful men like Jay Crouse to help lead men...”

    Jeff Kern

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